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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

It is the business of bringing together buyers and sellers, owners and renters, and of completing transactions that includes the exchanges of the ownership rights of a property.

Who can perform Real Estate Business in Florida?

Only Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Sales Associates can perform real estate transactions on behalf of a third party. Today, a real estate licensee is paid to handle other people’s properties because the licensee is a professional who provides specialized service and expertise. Real estate professionals provide expert information in three areas:

  • Knowledge of property transfers

  • Knowledge of market conditions

  • Knowledge of how to market real estate or business

What is the difference between Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Sales Associates?

Real Estate Broker is a person who, for compensation performs real estate services and has an office.

Real Estate Sales Associate is a person who performs real estate services for compensation but who does so under the direction, control or management of a broker or owner-developer.

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