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CAM is an exciting career!

You have the opportunity to administrate a community. A community is a self- organized network of people with common agendas, cause or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information and other resources. As a CAM, we are the agents of the board of directors in their purpose to keep or enhanced the value of the property, maintain the common areas and enforce the restrictions of the government documents of the community. You will never be bored!

As a CAM you can make a great career with clear path for advancement. There are many levels of certification and continuing education the professionals can enjoy to advance with their companies. Come and make your first step: register for the pre-licensure course required in Florida and continuing education courses. For those Spanish speakers the pre-licensure course is offered in Spanish in order to understand the concepts in that language. However, all terms will be provided in English. Florida State Test for CAM is only in English.

To learn more about CAM or to enroll in one of our courses, click here

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